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Mission Statement:

                    At Macrosoft, we help our client companies set high standards. we are proud of the fact that many of them have gone on to be recognized for their achievements. Macrosoft Inc. is committed to providing the Macrosoft People best resources and solutions to our clients. We firmly believe that our success depends on your success.

                    It is our mission to help you break out of the pack and excel. And we promise to be relentless in our mutual pursuit of your goals. 

                    Macrosoft makes sure businesses that are serious about success learn how to implement the new business systems and processes they need to reach their goals and even exceed them. We can help you develop a dedicated, motivated and knowledgeable management team that will set a powerful force in motion. 


                                     About Us: 

                   You can count on us, for our proven capability in leading Packaged Application Solutions, Network Solutions, expertise in eSolutions, combined with unique delivery models built into Industry Solutions and Outsourcing Solutions. MACROSOFT INC will deliver you the right solutions, on time and within budget.

                   When our clients face a list of choices while trying to make smart changes to keep their Organizations focussed and Profitable, We are always on top of their list. In more simpler words, our client's success is our most important business objective.                

                    When businesses grow and technology changes, companies find it challenging to keep up with the ever growing need for qualified software professionals. MACROSOFT INC specializes in helping Project Managers manage their software projects by providing them with staffing solutions. MACROSOFT INC's skilled Account Managers work closely with Project Managers to understand specific technical resource needs for their projects. Our account managers will bring in the technical resources when needed throughout the project life-cycle, whether the need is for architects/system analysts, programmers, QA specialists, integrators, administrators or networking specialists.


                        We have reached this position through uncompromising commitment to Quality, continuous refinement of our work processes, strategic alliances with technology leaders, and enduring relationships with our clients and business associates. Technology, partnerships and knowledge derived from continous effort have enabled us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions, and to sustain customer loyalty.

                       Our Services and Product offerings have been built with the combination of the latest in technology and over years of experience in understanding client needs in various business areas. We offer technology solutions tailored for your business.



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