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24X7 VDE

Macrosoft provides a wide range of staffing and outsourcing solutions to customers around the globe. Our charter is to enhance the success of our clients by providing them top quality IT Services IT professionals for their business needs.

At Macrosoft, we maintain a sophisticated team of technical recruiters who undergo extensive training. We understand the importance of promptly responding to our customers' requests for talent. Due to top-notch recruiting capabilities, our customers obtain professionals that meet their specific requirements.

"Where will you find
the right talent for your project team?.

Macrosoft as your IT partner, you have the
right resources within your reach."
Our spectrum of IT services span a wide range

  • Business Analysis
  • Custom Client/Server Application Development
  • Contractor Staffing
  • Data Warehousing/Data Mining
  • Database Administration
  • Database Design and Development
  • e-Business Applications
  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Office Automation
  • Project Planning and Outsourcing
  • Systems Administration and Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Technical Training and Documentation
  • Year 2000 Services
Some of the Technical areas of support that Macrosoft offers as shown below. This is a
partial list of skill sets that Macrosoft can offer:

Enterprise Application Integration/B2B Integration    Goto Top

Macrosoft provides end-to-end solutions to fulfill your Business Integration needs. We offer strategic consulting, design and development with the leading EAI/B2B tools.

We employ standard design and implementation Methodology and Techniques honed by our working with best-of-the breed tools.

Our EAI Services include:
  • Design and Develop EAI interfaces
  • Design and Develop EAI Methodology
  • Creation of Standards, Templates, Accelerator
  • Customized Repository for interface tracking / reusability
  • Design Deployment / Production Landscape
  • Implement / Test Integration Interfaces
We offer services with the following tools:
  • IBM CrossWorlds
  • Mercator
  • WebMethods
  • SeeBeyond
  • BEA
  • Vitria
  • Sybase Neon
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)    Goto Top

  • SAP
  • PeopleSoft
  • Oracle Applications
  • JD Edwards
  • QAD
  • BAAN
Customer/Internet Relationship Management (CRM)   Goto Top

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Vantiv
  • Clarify
  • Vignette (IRM - Personalization)
  • Broadvision (IRM - Personalization)
  • BEA Personalization Server(IRM - Personalization)
e-Commerce / Web Development    Goto Top

  • Active Server Pages ( ASPs )
  • COM / DCOM
  • Java / Java Server Pages / Java Web Server
  • Java Servlets, Beans, Enterprise Java Beans(EJB)
  • JavaScript / Serverside JavaScript /V BScript
  • CGI / Perl
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Netscape Enterprise Server
  • Oracle Web Application Server
  • Microsoft Visual Interdev
  • BEA WebLogic
  • IBM Lotus Notes, Domino
  • IBM WebSphere
  • IBM Visual Age
  • Allaire ColdFusion
Client/Server Technologies    Goto Top

  • C / C++
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Borland C++
  • Oracle, Oracle Developer/2000
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Sybase
  • Informix
  • Unix, HP-UX, Sun-OS



Macrosoft's SAP-centric services help customers with functional & technical enhancements, post-implementation support, performance optimization, and scalability of SAP R/3. 

Implementing an enterprise solution is critical and challenging. Our systematic approach, knowledge, commitment and experience can help you implement an effective R/3 solution for your organization. 

Businesses use SAP solutions to improve efficiencies and enhance competitiveness. They rely on Macrosoft to make sure they achieve the greatest, fastest results from their implementations. Our experience in all SAP products, diverse industry domain expertise, and unique SAP-based tools help companies meet their goals while saving significant time and money. We help companies make informed decisions about their next steps -- whether planning an upgrade to Enterprise, extending SAP R/3 to architecture, evaluating SAP Business One components or taking advantage of the new SAP product packages like mySAP Business Suite bundled with mySAP ERP and SAP Netweaver.

SAP R/3 Consulting Services    Goto Top

 We deliver a gamut of services that cater to your various needs. Our R/3 services span across all the core business and technology processes.

  • SAP Implementation Strategy
  • SAP Development (ABAP/4)
  • Planning and Architecture
  • Interface Programming
  • Full Scale R/3 Implementation
  • Systems Administration (Basis)
  • Prototyping and Customization
  • Performance Tuning
  • Data Migration
  • Post Implementation Support
  • On Site/Remote Development
  • System and Integration Testing
  • Release Upgrades
  • User Training
  • Development/Maintenance
  • Outsourcing


             Macrosoft provides full lifecycle services for clients to realize substantial business benefits throughout their SAP deployments. We draw on our global team of SAP experts and their diverse sets of real-world experiences to ensure success in:

  • Initial SAP implementations
  • Upgrading and extending existing implementations
  • Integrating enterprise applications
  • Managing, optimizing and supporting SAP installations
  • Providing Continuous Business Improvement to help maximize the SAP R3 investment



SAP Complimentary Services    Goto Top

Our service offerings also include some complimentary services that can help extend the reach of your R/3 systems into other areas of your business:

  • Systems Integration
  • Business to business (B2B)
  • Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO)
  • Data Warehousing (SAP's BW)
  • Industry Based Solutions
  • Complementary Systems Development
  • EDI Services
  • Internet/intranet Applications
  • Knowledge Management
  • Bar Code Solutions
  • Mobile Solutions


"Our consultants have Web feet."
"Our industry consultants and web technology team
can help you lower your costs, get closer to your
customers and serve them better."

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the explosive Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) electronic commerce markets. Tap into these markets in an all new aggressive way. The internet will provide you with a new way to service your customers, employees and partners.

Web Based Solutions   Goto Top

Macrosoft's web based solutions help companies to capitalize on this opportunity.

Let us show you how you can:  

Find new customers using this new technology.

  • Web enable your internal applications and increase productivity.
  • Get new products and services to the market much faster.
  • Increase profits through on-line transactions.
  • Protect customers through the use of secure transactions.
  • Interact with customers effectively to improve customer satisfaction.

The Technology    Goto Top

We utilize the latest in web technology to develop your web solutions. Our consultants are well trained and experienced in the latest web developments. Use our expertise to develop web applications that are tailored to your needs. Some of the tools and technologies that Macrosoft uses include:

  • XML
  • CGI
  • Java, JDBC, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  • JavaScript, VBScript, VB
  • ActiveX , ADO, Active Server Pages (ASPs)
  • C++, CORBA, PERL
  • Oracle Web Application Server
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Netscape Enterprise Server
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • IBM Visual Age
  • BEA WebLogic
  • Silver Stream
  • Allaire ColdFusion
  • IBM WebSphere
  • IBM Domino, Lotus Notes

Web Application Development Services    Goto Top

At Macrosoft, we offer a full suite of internet/intranet consulting and web development services:

  • Internet/Intranet application planning
  • Web Site Development
  • e-Commerce site
  • Web based catalogs
  • ERP/Web Integration
  • Web Enabling of legacy applications
  • Web Security

Applications Outsourcing Application development and maintenance outsourcing is a long-standing specialty here at Macrosoft. Companies can quickly take advantage of emerging technologies such as the Internet, Client/server and ERP by bringing our leading edge skills to your application development projects.

Macrosoft  has created a suite of outsourcing services that can be tailored to your IT needs. We work with you from the blue print stage through the implementation and support stage of the project.

Benefits of Outsourcing   

Outsourcing application development and maintenance provides your organization with both short term and long term benefits:

  • Increased availability of key IT staff
  • Compressed project timelines
  • Less IT staff management
  • Freedom to focus on core business
  • Lower maintenance and development costs
  • 24x7 Virtual development environment

Competencies        Goto Top

Our core competencies include:

  • Project management
  • Client/server application development
  • Web application development
  • ERP services
  • Network and systems management
  • Network design and implementation
  • Managed teams

Using our applications Outsourcing Group allows you to focus on your core business activities, while we manage your IT projects and functions at your facility or at our facility. We assume the full responsibility for the project or departmental operation and are held accountable for the results.

We closely partner with our customers to set the direction for future service delivery.

Fixed Quote Services               

Macrosoft offers a variety of services on a fixed-quote basis. We offer fixed-quote services for developing and deploying application by defining the exact scope of the application development projects.

We closely work with our customers to access the time, material and cost required for the project, then we determine a fixed rate for the project. This has proved to be very cost-effective, time-effective and risk-free way of application development for our customers.

Our Expertise               Goto Top

Macrosoft's outsourcing services include:

  • Data Migration from Legacy Systems
  • Web Application Planning and Implementation
  • Data Warehousing
  • Full Development Life Cycle Support
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Joint Application Design Services
  • Year 2000 Conversion Services
  • Remote Application Support
  • Remote Help Desk


Remote Development Facility Many corporations across the globe are facing the challenge of how to allocate internal IT resources and develop IT solutions. This often drives the focus, capital and resources away from core job functions. This can be disadvantageous in today's competitive market.

A Remote Development Facility (RDF) offers the advantage of a Virtual Development Environment (VDE). Namely, around the clock application development and maintenance activities.


We have RDF facilities in Detroit, MI and Cleveland, OH. We also have an offshore development facility in Visakhapatnam, India. Using high speed Satellite links and secure networks, our consultants can reach worldwide customers.

"24 x 7 RDF/Virtual
Development Environment
provides round the clock
application development abilities
for faster results."

We deliver customer focused development and maintenance solutions on a variety of software platforms. This gives us the ability to out perform our competition while our monetary advantage.

Cost Savings

Clients using our remote development facilities can realize savings in their application development costs. Our offshore development site in India allows clients to benefit from Southeast Asian economies.

A RDF allows cost savings of more than 50-75% when compared to on-site development facilities .

Our RDF's in the USA can help you reduce the costs involved in the IT infrastructure. No longer do you need to spend valuable corporate dollars on the costs involved in providing consultants with travel and living related expenses.


Without proper and effective communication and coordination between customers and developers, pitfalls arise. Our vast experience gives customers the reliability that they can depend on. We provide both fast and efficient communication and project tracking with minimum expense and risk.

We have the right resources and the right tools to make application outsourcing a very successful venture for our customers.

RDF Service Offerings

  • SAP R/3 ABAP/4 Development
  • Client/Server Application Development
  • Internet/Intranet Application Development
  • e-Commerce Solutions
  • Code Optimization and Tuning
  • Application Testing
  • Product Development

Our wide variety of RDF services offerings and our low costs give us an advantage over the competition.

We are fully staffed and well equipped to handle all our clients' needs. As our client, you will always have access to our world-class capabilities and our seasoned staff of consultants.

Dynamic opportunities exist for forward thinking business on the internet today. Business can take advantage of a new channel, a new media for direct marketing to the customer.

e-Business e-Business is changing the way organizations and people conduct business. You can mold information systems and internet technology to key business activies. Use secure electronic commerce to increase sales and profits.

Miracle can help you establish a close one to one relationship with new and existiing customers through this new channel.

The internet e-Business platform will enable exponential growth for companies willing to enter the arena now and establish themselves as an effective marketer of their products.

Miracle can help clients capitalize on the emerging opportunities of e-Business. We work very closely with our clients to create and develop internet strategies that can increase their sales on the Web.

We have created a broad spectrum of e-Business services and end-to-end solutions for customers at any stage of e-Business development:

  • e-Business Strategic Planning
  • e-Business Applications
  • B2B Procurement
  • Intranet/Extranet Services

To become an e-Business, you'll need internet technology, collaboration software, interfaces to your R/3 system and the expertise to put it all together. Miracle can provide you with all these critical elements.

If you have the SAP R/3 system up and running and would like to web-enable the information and make it available on the web, we can help you achieve that goal.

We utilize SAP's latest e-Business technology and solutions to leverage the existing organizational and business modles in SAP. We utilize more than 85 internet application components provided by SAP to make your R/3 system web enabled.

  • Improve Employee Satisfaction
    Put in place an online employee self service system.
  • Improve Supply Chain Efficiency
    Web enable your procurement process.
  • Improve Customer Service
    Place your product catalogs on the web for your customers.


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